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Why the Government believes we should remain and why it may be wrong

Watch the Prime Minister’s statement in Downing Street following a Cabinet meeting on the UK’s new settlement with the EU.

On Thursday, 23rd June you will have the opportunity to decide if the United Kingdom remains in the European Union. It is a big decision. One that will affect you, your family and your children for decades to come, which is why I feel it necessary to reproduce this pamphlet with corrections, clarifications and factual corrections which allow you to form your own valid views, rather than simply be told how to vote.

The Government believes that voting to remain in the EU is the best decision for the UK although it could be wrong. This is your chance to decide your own future and the future of the UK with all of the facts.. It is important that you vote

The UK’s special status

The UK has special status in a reformed EU. It has kept the pound, will not join the euro and has kept control of the UK border.

The UK Government has negotiated a new settlement with the EU ahead of the referendum. The Government believes this deal gives the UK within the EU the best of both worlds.

The UK has secured a special status in a reformed EU:

  • we will not join the euro
  • we will keep our own border controls
  • the UK will not be part of further European political integration
  • there will be tough new restrictions on access to our welfare system for new EU migrants
  • we have a commitment to reduce EU red tape

The deal gives the UK the best of both worlds. The UK is stronger, safer and better off in a reformed EU. We have access to the Single Market and play a leading role in determining the rules that govern it.

EU membership contributes to the attractiveness of the UK for international investment. It also gives us access to trade deals with over 50 countries around the world. EU membership means opportunities, jobs, and greater economic security for the people of the UK.

This special status me ans that it is the Government’s view that the UK’s national interest – the interests of every family, household, business, community, region and nation within our United Kingdom – is best served by our country remaining in a reformed EU.